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Knight Frank case study

46% increase in overall lead volume combined with 90% increase in organic traffic for Knight Frank
Published on
December 12, 2022

We achieved an astounding 46% increase in lead volume for Knight Frank’s new flexible office space website, with a 55% conversion rate through PPC. Organic search results were rewarded through a 90% increase in traffic to the landing page.

  • When Knight Frank launched their new flexible office space website in London, they were struggling to acquire a healthy proportion of enquiries through this channel.
  • They were generating some leads, but the quality of leads were low; the majority of which were not converting into viewings, so they were far from closing into any real deals.
  • Tackling this from both an organic and paid perspective, we were able to achieve a healthy return on their marketing spend taking care of sustainable results through on-page SEO and quicker-wins via paid media.

Read on to find out how we helped Knight Frank get to a position of closing a very generous 55% of leads to paying clients!

The Brief

Knight Frank LLP is an estate agency, residential and commercial property consultancy founded in London by John Knight, Howard Frank and William Rutley in 1896. Knight Frank together with its American affiliate Cresa is one of the world’s largest global property consultancies.

When Knight Frank launched their new flexible office space solution, they realised that their leads and conversions were far from satisfactory. They instructed Pixated to help them with organic and paid lead generation and conversion optimisation.

They were generating leads already, but of a poor quality, with very few of them booking to view, and even fewer signing up. We devised a lead generation strategy focusing on SEO and PPC as the main drivers.

What We Did

Knight Frank’s new landing page had a well-branded, user-friendly and intuitive design so there was a good set up for us to further optimise via content. However, from an on-page SEO viewpoint, there were some major improvements to be made to increase site visibility taking into consideration search intent. We began this project by completing a full site audit to identify strengths and weaknesses. We compiled a list of localised long-tail keywords to target via SEO and PPC.

This enabled us to optimise landing page meta tags, meta descriptions, titles and image alt tags which ranked the pages competitively for respective search terms.

Next, we created a single keyword ad group (SKAG) structure to target the best keywords on Google PPC. We complemented this with dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) to improve ‘quality’ and ‘relevancy’ scores, which achieved above-average click-through-rates.

The Results

With lead generation and conversion optimisation top of mind, we achieved some phenomenal results for Knight Frank. In this increasingly in-demand service, with new players entering the market faster than ever, the goal was to carve out a way to ensure Knight Frank achieved a greater volume of leads that were sustainable to help make this new market penetration a profitable one.

  • Lead volume increased to an excellent 46% from prior to working with us
    Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) reduced by 81% which allowed us to stretch their marketing spend to acquire more clients.
  • Conversions picked up with the help of target PPC and SEO, leading to an overall increase of 26%.
  • SEO efforts were rewarded through the 90% increase in their organic search traffic to the landing page.
  • All of this with a spectacular 55% lead to conversion rate, we think it’s safe to say this campaign was a big success!

Pixated have delivered results that speak for themselves for Knight Frank. Optimising lead generation and conversion rate being our main objectives,we created the ideal digital marketing strategy to help them on their way to making this brand extension a success for this well-established brand.